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Well, it is officially that time of year! The snow has finally melted, the air is warmer and the evenings are brighter! The one fall back? April showers ... and nobody likes wet feet. Don't let the rain bring you down, we have a wide selection of rainproof footwear from Hunter. Hunter boots are made in a variety of different styles, colours/patterns and finishes. Lets break it down... 1. Original Tall :  The classic Hunter boot- available in glossy and matte finishes. Not only has this classic Hunter boot gained a worldwide reputation for quality and durability but also for its iconic style.

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2. Huntress: The Huntress boot is modeled after the Original Tall boot but offers a wider calf and is a little bit shorter in height. For those of you that struggle finding a rubber boot that is not tight or pinching, the Huntress style is best suited for you! It is available in both glossy and matte finishes. 3. Original Adjustable: Another style that has been modeled after the Original Tall boot but has added features for more calf room. The adjustable hunter still stands as tall as the original but offers an adjustable back giving more flexibility in terms of the calf width. 4. Tour: Made for those who are on the road traveling, the Tour boot is designed so you can enjoy your Hunters wherever you may be. This style still has the look of the Original Tall  boot but is made with a more flexible and lighter rubber, allowing you to quickly roll up your boots and put them in your suitcase. Take a look at the video below to get a better idea at how small these boots really can be!

5. Gardener: This Hunter boot has all the features for those with a green thumb. The sole of the Gardener boot has a steel plate making digging in the dirt painless, an ankle wear patch and a wider tread allowing for a better grip and easier removal of mud and dirt.


6. Original Short: Sitting at mid-calf height the Original Short once again has all of the features as the Original Tall but just comes in a smaller package! Available in both glossy and matte finishes ... p.s how perfect are these spring colours? photo

Hunter Accessories

The Bubble Umbrella (available in black and red for $48)

photo-3 (4) photo-4

Hunter Socks ($44-50)

photo-10 photo-7Care Products

Because Hunters are crafted with rubber, which is a natural product, you may begin to notice over time that a white powdery film will start to appear on your boots. This is a natural and normal processes called 'blooming' that happens with rubber products - we won't get into the science of it all! Hunter has come out with care products that will instantly restore your boots to their natural finish within minutes! (Boot Shine $6.25) Check out our photo album on Facebook that shows a wider selection of the Hunter styles and colours we are carrying this season at all of our locations! (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.582383961793950.1073741826.173937015971982&type=1)


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