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On my list of things that make me cray-zee - moving remains in the top slot, closely followed by getting a root canal. Moving is disruptive in more ways than I can possibly count. I go to bed thinking of drawers and papers left to sort, clothes and books left to donate or dump and wake to another day of sorting, packing, dumping and whining.

Moving forces me to deal with my consumerism at a time when I’m also contemplating more stuff that cost money - a new sofa, whether to get blinds or curtains, to paint or not to paint. It’s a very stressful time. To my credit, I have dealt with my clothes, and I’m half way through dealing with my books. But there are reams of paper, dvds and cds still clamouring for my attention.

You might notice that I haven’t mentioned shoes. That’s because shoes are always the most difficult aspect of my packing process. I like buying them and watching them accumulate. Doesn’t matter if a particular pair squishes the little toe on my right foot as some are wont to do; I really have a hard time giving them away. Unless it’s to my niece with the clear understanding that I get to visit or even borrow them on occasion. Yes, it’s that deep and torturous. Therapy might be needed.

For this move, I’m really trying to adopt and practice the idea of non-attachment. If I haven’t worn something or used something for a specified period, then out it goes. That has worked well. Except for the shoes. So I have decided to wear all the ‘problem’ shoes at least once to see if they qualify for re-location. As I write this I’m wearing a pair which have proved painful on occasion, in the hope that they have now molded to my feet. So far, so good. Next up is a pair of sandals that have only been worn once or twice since I bought them three years ago. I’m praying the warm weather continues to hold, but if you see me out and about in unsuitable footwear, don’t judge ‘cause I’m moving.



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