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Reading the newspaper on Saturday and Sunday has always been a big part of my weekend routine. I stumble to the front door, reach outside and grab the paper quickly before the neighbours realize I’m still in pajamas, hair uncombed, face undone. Yes, I woke up like this! 

There is something to be said for leisurely weekends. Last Friday I got home beaten down by the rain and the week. So I definitely did not want to deal with sugar-enhanced children knocking my door in search of more sugar. Trick. But I rallied and left home in search of alcohol-enhanced adults. Treat.

A pot of Earl Grey tea and the newspaper made Saturday much easier to handle after the previous night’s activities, and fueled me to start filling boxes and bags. But the times are truly a changing.

Moving into a 3-storey walk-up makes it a bit more difficult to get the paper delivered to my front door. And even more difficult to walk downstairs robed, hair uncombed and face undone. And there would be nothing worse than getting there to find the paper missing.  What to do?

Of course, there’s always another element to consider. The media landscape continues to change at a rapid pace, and we are forced to adapt, adopt or get left behind. Do I give in and get all my news from the internet and television? 

Thinking. Sorting. Packing.



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