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It usually happens in the last two weeks of August (although this year is a bit different).  We know it will happen long before it does, and try our best to cram in all the things Summer has to offer: More nights on favourite patio? √ Days at the beach? √ Baseball game in the park? √

But then there’s that one night when the pretense is over - when you have to finally accept that it's getting darker earlier, and just that bit cooler.  And, call me crazy, but the air also seems crisper and fresher, a warning of what's to come. But all's not lost.

I often think fashion is the gift that helps us bear this transition. The in-between phase - between hot and cold, Summer and Fall, Fall and Winter.  We can look forward to beautiful crisp Fall days, with hopefully some sunshine, but, more importantly, the need for a sweater and BOOTS!!  For this is also the time of year when new styles of shoes and boots appear that are perfect for the shift from summer to winter.  I love that we can wear our pumps barefoot without the threat of blisters caused by summer’s humidity, and without having to think about the threat of salt stains. 

Here are some new colours, styles and materials to help you find something you don’t “already have” (aka: a reason to buy another pair of shoes!!).  Check out my picks for the season we dread but also love, thanks to fashion!

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