Jeanne Lottie

Toronto-based designer Jane Ip has always looked for happiness in her life. The Jeanne Lottie brand began in 1985 with that philosophy in mind when Jane and her sister, Charlotte, embraced passion and creativity by starting their own brand. Today Jane takes the lead. Over the 31 years, Jeanne Lottie has built a steadfast, loyal following, and Jane has been recognized nationally and abroad for beautiful designs that stand out from the crowd. Her design approach values embracing what’s different, what’s unexpected, and what’s fun in order to created something fresh and new. The Pink House, Jeanne Lottie’s whimsical flagship store in Toronto’s famous Yorkville neighbourhood, has been named cutest handbag and accessories shop by Toronto Life Magazine, and appears in a number of international travel guides (Frommers, Ulysse, New York Times Travel Guide).

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