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8 Essential Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Here is an overview of the 8 most essential types of shoes that every woman should have in her closet.

8 Essential boots every woman should have

It is most definitely a prerequisite in every closet; you cannot go wrong with a pair of heeled boots. This autumn, try this season's on-trend over-the-knee or chunky-soled options. Types of boots:


1. Knee-high boots 

Every woman must own a pair of knee-high boots, and they should feature prominently in your collection. These are easy to wear and can create a stunning and classical look so effortlessly. The knee-high boots are versatile and can be combined with many outfits transforming you from drab to instant chic. This style of boot is known to show off your figure. Rock your knee-highs with confidence.


2. Ankle-length boots 

The ankle-length boot style ends right at the ankle, covering it, and owing to the shaft height, flatters most styles and silhouettes. They are very reliable, especially when you want to look edgy and cool. Ankle-length boots are a classic choice of footwear that can smoothly transition from formal office footwear to casual everyday fashion. They are stylish, versatile, and sturdy. Most pairs often feature a zipline at the side or the back and can be in the form of both flats or heels.


3.Combat boots

Combat boots are a bolder choice when it comes to boots. They are laced-heavy boots with a grooved flat sole and a square or rounded toe cap. These are usually canvas or leather boots that lace up to mid-calf or higher. Combat boots provide solid ankle support and are also suitable for hiking and cold weather. These boots are also typically more durable than boots worn purely for fashion purposes and even rain or snow boots.


4. Tall riding boots

Tall boots can encompass different styles, but the most practical and versatile elevated style for daily wear is riding boots. Riding boots stop under the knee and are made of stiff leather or other structured materials that do not slouch. They are easy to wear with most outfits and keep your legs warm.


5. Horse riding boots

Horse riding boots are low-heeled knee-length boots that fit tightly around the calves. Riding boots typically have rounded toes and a zipper running down the back of the boot shaft. Traditionally, these boots are either black or brown. You do not need to be an equestrian to pull off a pair of riding boots. While these boots were originally designed for horse riding purposes, they can be stylishly paired with casual outfits.


6. Black booties

Booties have become seasonless and can be worn with pants in the winter or short dresses during the summer. Black booties are more dressy than brown ones, so keep that in mind. If you dress up often or want booties that you can wear to events or work, then invest in black ones. Having the perfect LBB in your arsenal is as essential as a good LBD. They can be paired with almost anything, from jeans and a T-shirt to a business-casual outfit for work.


7. Classic riding boots

Classic riding boots never go out of style and can be dressed up or down, depending on your outfit. They are meant to show off your sophistication and appreciation for the equestrian look. Riding boots are one of the best styles when it comes to warmth, comfort, and style. Hugely versatile, with so many different styles to suit every taste, no one should be without a pair.


8. Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are close-fitting ankle-high boots with rounded toe caps and feature distinctive elasticated side panels that make them easier to put on and take off. It is breathable, effortless, comfortable, and stylish. These boots never go out of style. A little rock 'n' roll but still an easy classic, Chelsea boot designs are typically ankle-high without laces, making them the ultimate choice for both formal and informal situations. 


 8 Essential flats every woman should have

One thing that has kept sandal styles around (and continually refreshed) for millennia is their ability to adapt to shoe trends. Another is the fact that people love to wear them for the freedom they provide. Types of flat shoes:


1. Sports Sandals 

Sports sandals are the most rugged sandals. They are often waterproof, offer multiple adjustable straps for the best fit, and have comfortable soles. Sports sandals are great for walking, running, and playing on the beach. They are also great for running errands that involve much walking.


2. Flip Flops 

    The most practical pair of shoes every woman must own, flip-flops are ideal everyday sandals, comprising a flat sole. These shoes for women feature Y-shaped straps starting from the front of the soles and ending at the sides. They are generally made with a highly comfortable foam sole and sturdy plastic toe support that helps keep your feet together. Flip-flops are comfy, stylish, and available in every colour and pattern. From basic to the more elaborate, they come in various styles and are the most casual sandals out there. They are inexpensive yet highly functional. Overall, we consider flip-flops to be highly versatile sandals.


    3. Everyday Flats 

    Everyday flats are another versatile sandal type. These are characterized by a relatively thin sole—less than one inch with little to no heel elevation. They may or may not have a thong sandal. However, they have more straps than flip-flops, including one at the heel and possibly another one or two that cross the top of the foot.


    4. Dressy Flats

      Dressy flats often have a thin sole and either spaghetti straps or more decorative ones. Some types even have decorative metal buckles or connecting rings as well and come in many colours. However, the dressiest types are black patent, white, or metallic.


      5. Slides 

        Slide sandals have thick straps that go over the center of the foot. They can either be made of leather or canvas for a dressy summer look or plastic/synthetic materials with an ergonomic sole, making these an excellent option for fitness/poolside wear. Slides can serve as office-casual footwear, complementing just about any outfit. Some slides are outright dressy, perhaps with rows of spaghetti straps crossing the bridge of the foot.


        6. Wedge Sandals 

        Wedge sandals are great office casual footwear—dressy enough. They have a larger base and an overall better foundation for balance than they may look. The wedge sole is either a single height or tapered from high at the back to lower at the front. They are pretty stable shoes overall and very comfortable to wear.


        7. Gladiator Sandals 

          T-strap sandals with several straps running across the front of the foot, Gladiator sandals are the most flexible and comfortable of the different types of shoes for women. Drawing inspiration from the historic shoes worn by Roman and Greek gladiators, these sandals are flat-soled and come with multiple wide-cross straps, starting from the sole and ending with a thicker strap at the top. 


          8. Casual Mid-Heeled Sandals Dressy 

            We love this type of sandal. It is so versatile and comfortable. Women, especially older women who cannot or will not wear very high heels, often appreciate the flexible styling potential of casual mid-heeled dressy sandals. These sandals have a great deal of office-casual potential.


            8 Essentials heels every woman should have

            Women's heels can be chic in refined attire. Make sure that you are comfortable wearing them. Types of heel shoes:


            1. The Stiletto

            What are the types of heels that have made many a sensible woman empty her savings? Stilettos. The highest of all the high heels, stilettos can reach up to 8 inches. Not for the faint of heart; the stiletto-heel is sky-high in height, with leg-lengthening qualities that make it a highly coveted shape. A stiletto heel makes a striking statement. Defined by thin, high heels, stilettos are both a blessing and a curse to women. This shoe style is such that it can work as formal footwear for women and glamorous style shoes in one go! They add an alluring elegance to any outfit.

            2. Kitten Heel 

              Kitten heels are synonymous with sophistication and elegance. These heels are feminine enough to make a fashion statement but allow you to avoid too much discomfort. Kitten heels feature thin, delicate stems and are typically below 3 inches in height. The practicality and femininity of kitten heels make them perfect for taller women who do not want to give up heels completely. The short height also makes these shoes ideal for teens still learning how to walk in heels. The kitten heel is a bonafide must-have in the heels department. 

              3. Block Heel

                Block heels feature bold, solid black heels that make a commanding fashion statement. The thickness and solidity of block heels also help distribute the body's weight more evenly, thereby removing some of the excess pressure from the front of the foot. Whether you need to stand for extended periods or want to look the part of a woman in charge, block heels will provide the required stability.


                4. Slingback

                  Slingback heels are both sophisticated and timeless. Characterized by a thin strap that slings back or crosses behind the heel or ankle, these classy shoes are a must-have in a women's formal shoes collection. The strap is attached to the body of the shoe, and about half of it circles your foot heel, leading to a sturdier grip and walk. It provides a more elegant look while still achieving the function of stabilization. The functional design helps women achieve an elegant, refined appearance. Whether you want to elongate your legs' appearance or showcase your fashion knowledge, slingback heels are great accessories to keep in your closet arsenal.

                  5. Ankle Strap 

                    Ankle strap heels typically have an open toe with slight support behind them. They also have a strap encircling the ankle to keep the shoe in place, making the high heels more secure and comfortable to walk in. These shoes work great for outdoor, warm-weather social events. Alluring as ever, the ankle-strap heels are decidedly feminine and particularly chic and pair well with cropped jeans and calf-grazing silhouettes. Ankle-strap styles are must-have types of heels for daywear and after-hours looks alike.

                    6. Platform

                      Platform heels feature a thick sole from heel to toe. This plateau adds dramatic height and comfort to hours-long wear. With platforms, the part of the shoe under the sole is thicker, which makes higher heels more comfortable as there is less of a height differential between the back and front of the foot. Although platform heels may feel intimidating, they are among the most comfortable and supportive styles out there.

                      7. Pumps 

                        Pumps are close-toed heels typically featuring a low-cut front and round cut toes. They are classic, timeless, and comfortable and add instant glamour to any outfit, whether it be formal or casual. Pumps make you appear taller and adjust posture while accentuating the calves, buttocks, and chest. It also lengthens the leg and makes the arch of the foot more defined. Every woman needs a pair of simple, classic pumps. They can be thrown on without a care in the world and will instantly make you look incredibly chic and put together.

                        8. Wedge

                          If you are looking for a heel type that you can wear throughout the day without collapsing, wedges are an option you should consider. Wedged heels eliminate the separation between the tall heel and the sole. These heels help distribute your weight evenly for more comfortable standing or walking, and they look great beneath both casual and cocktail dresses.

                          8 Essential rain & waterproof shoes every woman should have

                          Your essential rain & waterproof shoes will take the rainy-day fashion to the next level. Types of rain & waterproof shoes:


                          1. Rain boots 

                            For drizzly fall days, there is nothing better than a pair of well-insulated waterproof boots. Rain boots, essentially made to be worn during the monsoon, can make for an excellent statement-piece during winter. Exclusively designed to protect your feet from water, rain boots are waterproof, durable, and sleek. Rain boots typically come in quirky designs and patterns with a glossy finish and are all-weather and all style.


                            2. Heeled bootie 

                              It is most definitely a prerequisite in every closet; you cannot go wrong with a pair of heeled boots. A good pair of heeled boots will keep you fashionably warm and dry on colder days. Styling tip: a smaller heel will dress your outfit down, while a tall heel will achieve the opposite effect. For professional, formal, and romantic occasions, is it possible to look the part without getting drenched from head to toe? Believe it or not, you can wear heels in the rain—heeled boots, that is. If you have important places to be and want to dress up your outfit without letting the rain get you down, this is the way to go.


                              3. Knee-high boots

                                Make a stunning statement with every step in knee-high boots. For a chic head-turning look, pair tall, knee-high boots with the latest denims, sweater dresses, or leather pants. Versatile and trendy, you cannot go wrong with a pair of designer knee-high boots. The knee-length boots extend up to your knee and can be worn with short skirts to look incredibly chic and stylish. Pair a silky slip dress with contrasting knee-high rain boots for the freshest date-night look.


                                4. Ankle length sneaker boot 

                                  The sneaker-style boots are the latest in fashion to give you the perfect casual look. The upper material of this boot is synthetic leather, and the inner material is synthetic. These boots, equipped with rubber soles, are simple yet chic. Flaunt your style with a pair of exclusively crafted sneaker boots.


                                  5. Synthetic ankle-length boot 

                                    These boots have a synthetic material upper and leather lining that provides breathability. The PVC sole of these lace-ups provides excellent grip and foot support. It is made of synthetic leather material, which is durable and comfortable to wear. The high-quality finishing of the TPC sole helps you stay on throughout the day with arch support and a cushioned footbed. A neat and comfortable platform adds extra height, making your legs look longer and leaner for all-day walking comfort.


                                    6. Canvas boots with synthetic leather and heels 

                                      Leather boots are timeless and will never go out of style. Even with heels, they guarantee comfort if you opt to wear them for an entire day. This stylish canvas boot will make the perfect purchase for the winter season. The inner material is synthetic, and the outer fabric is synthetic leather. You can adjust these lace-up boots easily, as per your convenience and comfort. Its long-lasting laces give it a firm grip.


                                      7. Ankle-length boot with fur design 

                                        The stylish, funky design of this boot will be something that you will love. It is a zipper-style ankle-length boot that you can easily wear over any winter outfit. The inner material of this boot is a TPC hard-sheet, and the upper material is synthetic. This boot is of zipper style, which will remain fit around your ankle, making it comfortable to wear for an entire day. These classically styled, cropped ankle rain boots go the extra mile with a tremendous faux-fur lining that provides a layer of warmth and insulation from the harsh cold outside.


                                        8. Suede leather boots 

                                          Every woman loves to have suede leather boots. Famous for their stunning design and style, the elegance that these boots bring to your look is unmatched. Suede leather boots are a comfortable pick for any special occasion and work well for both casual and formal events as they evoke beauty and grace.

                                           8 Essential sandals every woman should have

                                          Show off that pedicure you just got done by adding these sandals to your closet's collection. Step out in style in a pair of on-trend women's high heel sandals. Ladies, add to your strappy sandals selection for every occasion. Sandals are a year-round staple. Thus, there is no excuse for you not to own at least one pair, but in all seriousness, you most definitely need multiple—think a casual pair for any warm-weather vacation locations and a dressy pair for the resort bar. Types of sandal shoes:


                                          1. Neutral 

                                            These are your everyday sandals — they are flat and simple, nothing too eye-catching here! These sandals include a slingback strap so that they stay put and pair seamlessly well with every outfit. You may think you wear them way too much, but they are your good-old reliables, and you are getting your money's worth.


                                            2. Slides

                                              Slides are so named because you can just slide your feet into them. They are a simple design that can be embellished with colours and patterns comprising single flat soles with a wide band attached to the sole horizontally that covers the top of the foot. The toes are left exposed. Some slides may have a flip-flop-style thong between the big toe and second toe.


                                              3. Chunky

                                                The rise of the Teva and Birkenstock sandals has led to the return of thick-soled, Velcro, '90s-inspired pairs. While they may not be for everyone, we cannot help but love the contrast they have against feminine pieces, such as satin midi skirts and puff-sleeve tops. Chunky sandals are casual yet statement-making, all at the same time.


                                                4. Flip Flops

                                                  The most practical pair of shoes every woman must own, flip-flops are ideal everyday sandals. Classic flip-flops are flat, open-toed sandals that comprise a flat sole held loosely on foot by a Y-shaped strap or thong that passes between the first and second toes and around both sides of the foot. Flip-flops are classic summer footwear. They can be made from plastic and foam, which are ideal beach or pool shoes, or they can be fancier, made from canvas or leather, allowing for their use in casual or dressier environments. There is no dearth of flip-flop designs on the market, encompassing everything from regular rubber to glittery metallic straps.


                                                  5. Block Heel 

                                                    When it comes to summer weddings and date nights, this is the sandal you will be happy to own. You will still get the height you desire, but a thicker heel provides more support and is easier to wear throughout the night. Plus, there are many embellished options out there if you crave a little sparkle.


                                                    6. Wedges 

                                                      Wedges never go out of style. Wedge sandals eliminate the separation between the tall heel and the sole, and these shoes have an open upper area. This type of plateau adds additional height to casual spring or summer footwear. Whether you need to improve on shorts or a summer dress or want to create a more pleasant strolling experience, wedges are the perfect way to embrace warmer weather.


                                                      7. Strappy 

                                                        A good pair of strappy sandals is arguably the most versatile form of warm-weather footwear. They are wearable, versatile, and will add a little "oomph" whenever you need it. Strappy sandals work well for casual summer attire. Heeled strappy sandals help take the slinky, sleeveless look to a whole new level, while a flat pair is attention-grabbing, even when styled with denim cutoffs.


                                                        8. High-Heeled Sandals 

                                                          High-heeled sandals feature a sandal-style toe area that contrasts with any style of a heel (kitten, stiletto, etcetera.) near the back of the foot. These heels bring a little more drama and personality to your everyday summer sandals.


                                                          Essential slippers every woman should have

                                                          The best thing to wear with slippers is women's pyjamas/negligee, a cozy robe, or both. Luxuriate and indulge yourself with a pair of comfortable slippers which are great for lounging or wearing when you get out of the shower. If you are looking for something comfortable to wear all day, there are slipper styles in various colours. Types of slipper shoes:


                                                          1. Moccasins 

                                                            Moccasins are, by definition, shoes made with soft leather that have no heels. They are put together with U-shaped pieces of leather stitched to the soles, the sides of which rise to meet the uppers. Moccasins are casual women's slippers that can be worn with pyjamas, but they are also great to wear with sweatpants, leggings, and even women's jeans. You will find lined moccasins that are great for colder days, along with unlined moccasins that are comfortable to wear anytime.


                                                            2. Scuff Slippers

                                                              This type of slipper has a grippy bottom to help prevent slipping on hard floors. Often, you will find scuff slippers with a sherpa lining for toasty warmth. Wear scuff slippers with flannel pyjamas for a cozy outfit that is great for lounging at home. Or slip a pair on with your casual clothes. The great thing about scuff slippers is that they are stylish enough to wear all day, even if you have guests.


                                                              3. Bootie Slippers

                                                                The bootie is another style of slipper that is great for wearing around the house. This type of slipper provides coverage to the ankle, so your feet stay warm. There are bootie slippers with plush faux fur linings for a cozy touch.


                                                                4. Clog Slippers 

                                                                  Treat your feet to a sturdy clog slipper, which is an excellent style for wearing at home or even outside. Some clog slippers have grippy rubber outsoles. They come in a variety of styles, including those with knit uppers for an on-trend look. Clog slippers can be paired with jeans and turtlenecks for a look that is casual yet chic. You can also wear them with pyjamas for luxurious comfort that is great for lazy days at home.


                                                                  5. Slipper Socks 

                                                                    It is not quite a slipper, and it is not quite a sock—it is a slipper sock! These footwear hybrids incorporate the best features of slippers and socks combined, such as a snug yet stretchy fit and slip-resistant soles. Slipper socks are typically thicker and warmer than regular socks, so they are an excellent choice to wear around the house when it is cold.


                                                                    6.Slipper boots 

                                                                    One of the most popular types of slipper is the slipper boots. Slipper boots imitate the shape of a boot, fully enclosing the foot right up to the ankle. Slipper boots are great for those who suffer from cold feet as their enclosed nature helps keep warm air trapped around the foot. These slippers often have a fur or soft lining, making them extra cozy.


                                                                    7. Ballet slippers

                                                                      With slippers often being designed unisex, sometimes it is nice to opt for something a little more feminine, which is where ballet-style slippers come in. Ballet slippers are made from soft materials, such as satin, leather, or canvas. These slippers are usually a soft or furry material with a bit of stretch. They look elegant and are easy to wear around the house. They are especially great for summer as the top portion of your foot is still slightly exposed so that you can enjoy that warm summer breeze!


                                                                      8. Outdoor slippers

                                                                        If you are alternating between working in your house and working in your garden, then outdoor slippers would be perfect for you! Outdoor slippers are designed to withstand trips outdoors. Their primary feature is a firm sole up to the challenge of going outdoors. These slippers are made from warm materials to stop your feet from getting cold when you go outside in the winter.


                                                                        9. Slip-on slippers 

                                                                          Possibly the easiest and most convenient type of slipper is the slip-on slipper. These slippers are super easy to slip on and off. They feature an exposed heel but a closed toe. All you need to do is slide your foot in and out.


                                                                           8 Essential sneakers every woman should have

                                                                          Sneakers are not only acceptable every-occasion footwear, but they are also COOL. Classic sneakers are versatile and can make any outfit look cool, polished, hip, and effortless. They are appropriate for any season. Types of sneaker shoes:


                                                                          1. Athletic Kicks

                                                                            Sneaker shoelaces rarely look as good as when they adorn your athletic kicks. These sport-centric sneakers are Adidas and Nike regulars and are the perfect blend of functionality and style. Any activity faster than walking, and you will want to slip on a pair of these.


                                                                            2. Plimsoll Sneakers

                                                                              Plimsoll sneakers are the most famous and most common type of sneakers available. Also referred to as low-top sneakers, plimsoll sneakers are available in different styles that cater to every individual's unique taste. The key is to wear no-show socks so the sneakers can be the center of attention. Revealing your naked ankle with this sneaker is a fashion statement in itself.


                                                                              3. High Top Basketball Sneakers

                                                                                High-top sneakers have some excellent advantages. You can confidently wear long socks without worrying about them peeking through your shoe top, and they always look cool. These sneakers match particularly well with tight-fitted jeans and basketball shorts. High-top sneakers combine classic with comfort.


                                                                                4. Authentic Sneakers 

                                                                                  Authentic sneakers can be worn with anything, be it casual or formal, which makes them revolutionary. The understated design is minimalistic and clean, giving them the name: authentic sneakers. 


                                                                                  5. Slip-On Sneakers 

                                                                                    Slip-on sneakers are considered classics and do not have any shoelaces on them, making it easy to slide your feet into the shoe. These smooth top sneakers often have interesting patterns and metallic surfaces and are great for easy wear. They are incredibly comfortable and casual, an ideal choice for those looking for utmost comfort and simplicity. However, since they are low-rise sneakers, make sure you are not wearing high socks as this would kill the shoe's look. Available in various colours and styles, the slip-on sneakers are minimalist yet highly trendy.


                                                                                    6. Leather Sneakers 

                                                                                      The popular trend in the sneaker world currently is leather sneakers. Although they are on the expensive side, you will invest in something long-term with these sneakers as they will never lose their appeal. Since they are made with expensive material, these sneakers pair best with formal and business attire. Leather sneakers are a fantastic option for sports because they mould to your feet and get softer the more you wear them, making them flexible and great for the sports field.


                                                                                      7. Canvas Sneakers 

                                                                                        Comfortable and conventional describes the canvas sneaker, a material-based low-rise sneaker that received fame from popular brands like Converse All-Stars. These sneakers have sparked the rolled-up jeans-trend amongst millennials and look exceptional with any casual attire.


                                                                                        8. Designer sneakers 

                                                                                          Designer sneakers are specifically for formal clothing or business-casual if you want to be edgy. While they are ultra-comfortable, they also look unique and expensive, automatically making an ordinary outfit look extraordinary. Designer sneakers can make a grand fashion statement.

                                                                                          8 Essential winter boots every woman should have

                                                                                          Whether you are just hanging out in Whistler Village, heli-skiing or hiking, make a fashion statement with your winter boots selection. Types of Winter boots:


                                                                                          1. Sorel Tivoli IV Parc Boot

                                                                                            This new style by Sorel is totally waterproof, well-insulated, and available in four colours.


                                                                                            2. Manitobah Mukluks Spirit Tamarack 

                                                                                              These boots by Indigenous-owned Winnipeg-based Manitobah Mukluks feature a cozy sheepskin shearling footbed and durable Vibram sole.


                                                                                              3. Suicoke QC-ANWP 

                                                                                                Did you know that the Japanese ugly-cute sandal label Suicoke also makes vegan-friendly boots?


                                                                                                4. Maguire Porto

                                                                                                  Designed in Montreal and made in Fornos, Portugal, these suede boots feature a leather lining and sheepskin insoles.


                                                                                                  5. Timberland Premium 6-Inch Waterproof Boot 

                                                                                                    Classic Timberland boots are available this season in fun and bright colour-combinations. Bonus: it is insulated and waterproof!


                                                                                                    6. Hunter Original Insulated Roll Top Sherpa Boots 

                                                                                                      These fleece-lined rubber and neoprene boots are best for wet West Coast winters; they are designed to be worn in temperatures as low as -5°C.


                                                                                                      7. Columbia Paninaro Omni-Heat Tall Boot

                                                                                                        This new tall boot by Columbia boasts a puffy, waterproof upper and high-traction rubber sole.


                                                                                                        8. Women's Mid-Calf Winter Snow Boots 

                                                                                                          These warm boots will keep your feet comfy and cozy through snow and slush, ice, and bitterly cold temperatures. You can count on these mid-calf winter snow boots to keep your feet warm, dry, and feeling great! Only waterproof and air-permeable leathers and textiles are used. These shoes allow moisture (water vapour) to escape to the outside and protect the inside from rain, dampness, and cold. Get ready for your favourite winter activities with the proper footwear.

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